Tuesday, January 6, 2009

merriweather post pavilion

once you've managed to stop looking at the artwork, 
the review is below...

Animal Collective's new album is spectacular. 

Album opener "In The Flowers" is like listening to your standard animal collective song on headphones but then someone drives past playing really annoyingly loud techno/fat beats and it's so loud that it interferes with what you're listening to - but in this case it works. the two clash horribly but meld at the same time. the second track "My Girls" is by far one of the catchiest songs on the album, with a nice beat and some fancy claps, and sweet lyrics.
Next highlight for me is "Summertime Clothes" - to me this song sounds like the perfect soundtrack for summer and sprinklers and squirting people with water guns in the face and water bombs and smashing letter boxes on bikes with baseball bats and all that shit. It has a really sweet little hook "i want walk around with you...just you just you just you just you" echoed through out the song.
"Lion in a Coma" features the best use of the Jew Harp i've heard in a long time, "No More Runnin' " brings the tone of the album down a little before finishing up with "Brothersport"; the almost zimbabwean tribal revival track that demands you to "Open up your throat" and to have a real good time. That's open for interpretation.

Although, in my opinion not as great as 2007's Strawberry Jam, it's still a fucking good album and a very good album to start 2009 with I say! 

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